Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher… Dazzled in front of my eyes Dream Catcher… In a way According to your name Aren’t you Supposed to help In pursuing dreams? What a contrary?! You chase dreams away When the dreams are Happy They are cherished When the dreams are bad It turns into a Nightmare Man can handle happy dreams … More Dream Catcher

Why do i love you?

Someone  asked me why i fell for you?! That made  me  think deep. .. Why?! I asked myself… You fascinated me whenever  i saw you, When am sad , you will knock my window saying that you are sad too, You cried with me, Because of you even crying was comfortable, Sometimes  you made me  … More Why do i love you?

A new beginning

A picture that spoke a lot to me on this new year. Happiness is something when you reach out to your dream after all the hardships. So does these flowers. Bloomed against the strong hurdle… Reaching out to the sky. Looking out for a new beginning. Let this year be one such for US every … More A new beginning


Memories  are like  a flower bouquet with knife as it’s handle, When you remember good ones, It gives you the feel of flowers Bad ones make you wither in pain and bleed, It being a flower or knife depends on our destiny, I remember those days, lying  on the bed, Staring at nothing, where those … More Memories

Mirror Image

Mirrors reflect  what is in front of  them…. Sometimes  that happens  with people too. It’s  a rare chance to meet people who reflects you. One such soul is her. The  Reason i decided to write a blog about her is….  She is a person who inspires me a lot. I met her but i didn’t … More Mirror Image

Good Bye

When i met you  first I wasn’t  the  happy person Like i used to be I was in the  verge of  exploding But i hoped that  we will get along well We had a rough  start Arrows were  piercing  me One after another People thought i won’t survive At a point i  thought the same … More Good Bye

My Journey to BTS

So where should I start with? It’s been a long time  since i drafted something. I always  had a thought about writing a blog about Me and BTS. But i was hesitant at a point to do so. Not sure if i should do one.


There is a void inside me without you in here, A part of me asked me where were you in the first place to create one? I smiled at my thoughts…. Yeah, you didn’t create one, But i did reserved some place for you, Now looking at the empty space i feel a void inside … More Void


Confusion Confusion: is it just a word or state of mind – confusing Confusion : makes me a better person or a messy one – confusing Confusion : at times i feel have lost my way but same time i feel have found a new way -confusing Confusion : am i thinking too much or … More Confusion


Rain…   It’s not a word….something beyond that.. Yes, these lil droplets are actual mystery Rain stirs up so much emotions… Sometimes, #Makes you smile #Makes you cry(wen yu r sad) #Makes you to dance (even though you r not a dancer) #Makes yu think of that someone… #Makes yu hungry(in my case:) :p) #Makes … More Rain